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  About Asha Jyoti  
  What is Asha Jyoti?  
  The Asha Jyoti Community Welfare Society of Canada is a nonprofit, secular and charitable organization originally with the sole purpose of providing educational scholarships to the children of economically strained communities in India. Later on, its scope was expanded to include self-help type community development projects for the benefit of the underprivileged in India.  
  Who Manages Asha Jyoti?  
  Asha Jyoti is managed by a Board of Directors who are elected by the general membership each year. They all work as volunteers, and receive no remuneration or benefits in any form.  
  What is the Purpose of the Educational Scholarship Plan?  
  Millions of bright students in India live in crushing poverty. Their parents are unable to meet their basic educational needs. As a result, they are forced to drop-out without completing school. The Asha Jyoti educational scholarship allows many of these children to continue their education and realize a dream and ambitions for a better future.  
  The scholarship fund provides them with such necessities as books, tuition fees, stationary, school uniforms, shoes, transportation, winter clothes and basic medical care.  
  Who Can Qualify for the Scholarship?  
  The applicant must be both above average in his/her academic performance as well as from a very poor family. Preference is given to high school students who are orphans, fatherless or from large families with only one earning member. No consideration is given to gender, caste, creed, religion or the place of origin of the applicant.  
  Who Selects the Eligible Students?  
  AshaJyoti has established working arrangements with nonprofit grass root organizations that are well known for their social welfare and relief work in India. The community workers from these organizations play a key role in screening and recommending eligible students.  
  Who Provides the Scholarship Fund?  
  Asha Jyoti does not receive grants from any governmental or non-governmental agencies in India or Canada. All activities, including the scholarship, are funded by private sponsors who donate a fixed annual amount determined by the Board of Directors. Asha Jyoti also receives donations from the general public and organizes fund raising social events. See the Events section to learn about events, past and present  
  Can the Sponsor in Canada Contact the Student?  
  The sponsor can correspond directly with the beneficiary of the scholarship. While visiting India, the sponsor can also meet with the student and his/her family. These are encouraged.  
  Can Sponsorship be Withdrawn at Any Time?  
  You may discontinue your sponsorship anytime. Asha Jyoti will find a new sponsor, failing which, the student will be helped from our general fund. When you are financially ready to renew your commitment, you may sponsor a student again, but it may not necessarily be the original one.  
  What are the Other Activities of Asha Jyoti?  
  Sponsorship funds are first used towards paying scholarships for children. Surplus funds are used to finance community welfare projects in underdeveloped regions to promote empowerment, self development and self sufficiency.  
  Do All Donations Qualify for Income Tax Exemption?  
  Asha Jyoti is registered with Revenue Canada as a charitable organization, and official receipts are issued to all sponsors and donors for income tax purposes.  
  You can help Asha Jyoti in improving the quality of life for people who have no hope, and no future. Please become a member and sponsor a student, or send us a one-time donation of any amount for Asha Jyoti's community welfare projects in India.  

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