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  More than ever, Asha Jyoti is reaching out into the communities in India and fulfilling its mission and dream by identifying the need and providing educational scholarships on a regular basis to poor orphans and students, regardless of their caste, religion and linguistic background.
About Membership into Asha Jyoti
  The philisophy of Asha Jyoti is to serve with love and affection the less fortunate. Through your contribution to Asha Jyoti you become a partner in helping students to acquire knowledge and education.  
  Asha Jyoti is run by a group of dedicated individuals who form the Board of Directors. These people are elected at the Annual General Meeting by paid members. Board Members are unpaid volunteers who also sponsor at least one child annually. Please note that there is no administration cost to the members - Your full payment is deposited in Asha Jyoti accounts not diluted by administrative expenses.  
  Asha Jyoti is a registered charitable organization with the Federal Government of Canada. The membership fee of $20.00 and single student sponsorhip amount of $120.00 ( Dollors One Hundred) and can be made in multiple as you wish. Our donations are eligible for tax deducations under the Charity funds Canada Revenue Agency Program.  

Though we do accept payment through our web site which is secure. You can also submit your donation by providing us your information in application and send a cheque at our address

Asha Jyoti Community Welfare Society of Canda
4646, Heritage Hills Blvd.
P.O. Box 14529
Mississauga, ON L5R 4G3


Make online payments : http://ashajyoti.ca/donation.html

All personal information is kept 100% confidential, and is only for Asha Jyoti Community Welfare Society of Canada related initiatives.


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