Corporate Partners  
  Canadian corporations have been partnering with many Charitable Organizations, working together to alleviate
poverty worldwide. ASHA JYOTI serves the poor through child sponsorship With Corporate Canada's help,
millions of children and families have benefited from improved schools, access to clean water, better health
facilities, loans and business training thru various Charitable organizations.
  ASHA JYOTI Community welfare society of Canada values the important role of the private sector in fulfilling
our mission and aims to work with businesses to improve the wellbeing of children around the world. At all
times we ensure that our partnerships align with our principles and values and are characterized by joint
participation, shared goals and mutual accountability.
  A partnership with ASHA JYOTI Community Welfare Society of Canada demonstrates to your stakeholders
your commitment to creating a better world.
  Companies that Match Employees’ Charitable Gifts

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